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The Perfect Love Storm



Chase Storm is a rich, young bachelor with no intention of settling down and Madison Atkins-Morgan is a widow and ready to fall in love again. Will the towns ladies man win her heart, or will his family's secret cause him to lose love?




​November is on the right track to success, and she looks forward to living the lifestyle she always dreamed she’d have as an advertising agent. When she meets Tracy Stone, she is swept off of her feet until his controlling ways is too much for her to bear. Will love keep them together or will Tracy's actions cause him to lose it all?


After Tiffany lands a position as executive producer and head writer for the hit television series Boy Crazy, her career is skyrocketing. All seems perfect, until she learns that the network will be cancelling her show. With her show on the line and the recent break-up with he cheating boyfriend, she feels hopeless until she runs into Kory, her high school crush. When she finds out he's engaged to a woman that quickly becomes her enemy, things go from bad to worse. 




Tiffany and Kory are settling into their happily-ever-after and enjoying matrimonial bliss, but they are missing the one thing that would make their family complete--a baby. After several months of trying to conceive with no success, Tiffany shifts her focus to her career at TI Max. Eager and ready to move up the corporate ladder, Tiffany convinces her best friend, Rose, to move to L.A., offering her a new start. It's something Rose simply can't refuse, an opportunity not only for success, but also for love.


Sometimes I'm In My Feelings



Don’t all women wish men came with a warning label or a caution sign? That would be ideal and save a lot of heartache and pain. Meet Anika, Mia and Legacy. Three friends going through the trials and tribulations of love and heartache. Young and deep in love, they can’t seem to let go of the men they’ve fallen madly in love with. 


Sometimes I'm In My Feelings



After all the drama and heartache, Anika, Mia and Legacy try to move on with their lives, but relationship woes stick to the three of them like glue.

The Side Effects of You



Andrea, Samantha, and Josie have one thing in common: an ex they want to forget. Although they've tried to keep it together, there comes a time when you have to move on. However, moving on only seems to make matters worse as they strive to make new lives for themselves. There is always something that keeps luring them back into the drama they're desperately trying to escape. Will these women finally find the path to happiness, or will the side effects of their exes keep them stuck in an unhappy rut?

My Best Friend & My Man



Friends come and go, but the good ones are hard to let go. Kennedy and her best friend Cherae were like "two peas in a pod," Kennedy's daddy would say because they were tighter than a large man in a medium suit jacket. Although they were totally different in size, personality and back ground, they had been friends and loved each other since the second grade. Tables turned for their friendship when that evil word 'jealously' came between them over a sexy club owner named Julian Roberson

Full Figured 10



Two short sizzling love stories about how two full figured women finding and falling in love.

Love Changes



One romantic love story - If It Wasn't For Tony. One spicy novella - Mr. Wrong. One cougar tale - I Just Wanna Be Loved!

Cougar Cocktales



Five fiery sexual tales of older women falling in love, lust and trouble for men that are younger!

Crown Royal On Ice



One corporate boss tale Gavin, and one street boss tale Bash. See how both find love with Nicole and Bailey.

Fallin' For A Dallas Boss



From Crown Royal on Ice, a corporate love story. After burying her mother, Nicole Brooks is next in line to be the COO at W.B.H. Fiberglass. Not very excited to join corporate America, Nicole reluctantly takes her mother seat with reservations, until she lays eyes on her new boss, Gavin Washington. Gavin, young, handsome and brilliant, sparked Nicole’s interest from the very moment they met; problem is Gavin’s engaged to be married to Alexis Harrington.Alexis. But will he and Alexis make it down the aisles or will secrets, lies and betrayal open up an opportunity for Nicole to move in and have Gavin Washington all to herself?

Issa Hood Love Story; Bailey & Bash




From Crown Royal on Ice, a street boss love story. After years of hustling, Sebastian Larson is finally giving up the hood life and looking for a wife. He had a rule not to marry or fall in love while he was in the game but, now that that was all behind him, he was ready and looking for a life partner and, from the very first moment that he laid eyes on Bailey Burnett, he knew instantly that she was the one. Bailey, young, smart and beautiful, belongs to Andre and she is no longer happy being his live-in girlfriend.  When she meets her new neighbor Bash and is instantly attracted to him, and it doesn’t take long for her to desire him. An absent Andre gives Bailey an open invitation to get to know Bash and it doesn’t take the two long to discover the chemistry that they share.

Hood Wives & Rich Thugs of Chicago


ISBN-Only Available on Kindle

Part 1 & 2 

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A Boss Valentine in Chicago PB.jpg
This Thug Love Got me Trippin' A Houston Christmas



It’s that time of year again, and Zuriah Price is excited to go home to celebrate the holidays with her family. A native of Houston, Texas, Zuriah now lives in Chicago and is in her third year of internship to become an anesthesiologist, and things are going perfect. Great loft, awesome career, and a doctor boyfriend, Zuriah has all she needs and falling for another man is not on her Christmas wish list. Jesiah Bowman is single and content with his lifestyle. He tries to be a family man but, when he finds out that the child he'd claimed isn't his, he has no desire to be in a committed relationship with anyone. Busy with work and maintaining his businesses is satisfying enough for Jesiah, until he sees his best friend Zachory’s baby sister, Zuriah, again after several years. Instantly, he is attracted to her and he doesn’t hesitate to let her know, but not only does she have a man, she lives in an entirely different state. They say love conquers all, but will that be enough to bring these two together, or will the distance and commitment to Zuriah’s doctor boyfriend be the reasons why these two lovers toss in the towel?

A Boss Valentine in Chicago



Divorce attorney Chante Harrison is not looking or interested in falling in love, especially not with a man ten years younger than she is. With an out of control teenager that is convinced that she has chosen her career over him is enough to deal with and falling in love is the last thing on Chante's agenda. Aspiring chef London Johnson, young, handsome, and charming, gets the opportunity to meet Chante when he delivers her dinner on a night that the restaurant where he works is short staffed. As soon as he lays eyes on her, he wants her. Even though he knew she is older than he, that doesn't stop him from asking her for her number. Flattered but not interested, Chante decides to give him a chance, believing that there is no way they'd have anything other than a physical connection. However, she soon learns that she is dead wrong. Within a matter of weeks, London steals her heart. But because of their age difference, Chante is terrified and puts up a fight, only to be defeated by love.

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Now You Wanna Come Back


ISBN 978-1645560401

Leila has always been stuck on her husband and never thought her love for him would dissipate. Even throughout the constant pain and suffering, she has hope that he'll come back to her. But Devon's cold heart and abandonment has left room for her to be rescued by another man.
Rayshon Johnson--not the perfect man, but a better man--comes along and rolls the storm away, providing Leila with the emotional comfort she desperately desires. He kisses her where it hurts and helps her shed her insecurities, building his woman up from the inside.
Devon hates to see another man getting comfortable in his spot. He's determined to get his good thing back, no matter the costs. Home is where the heart is, and he's more than ready to reclaim home!

Thug Love: The Ultimate Box Set Collection Kindle Edition

Need something great to read? Purchase Thug Love: The Ultimate Box Set Collection right now! Grab this smokin’ hot collection from Cole Hart Signature Novels and cozy up to new characters, new storylines, and a whole lot of mayhem from thirteen of the bestselling and award-winning authors in the game: J. Dominique, Yona, Anna Black, Kevina Hopkins, Jammie Jaye, Mz. Biggs, Shanice B., Laquana Jones, Tina Marie, Princess Diamond, Theresa Reese, Dani Littlepage, and Twyla T.That’s right! These authors provide original, riveting, heart-wrenching, emotion-provoking, and drama-producing stories that will keep you entertained.


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